PARTNER BIO’s                          YALCIN YILMAZKAYA        BESIM OKTAYER


Besim Oktayer was born in 1955 in Ankara. He has his Bachelor of Science degree in Production Engineering in the University of Aston in Birmingham in England and had Master of Science degree in Welding Technology and Business Management in the same University in 1981.

He has started his business carrier working in the family company TAMRAY producing the curtain rails at very early ages. Following his education he has started at ENKA (at that time the 14th largest contracting company of the world) He has worked at several positions: Marketing of Turkish industrial products in Pakistan, Gulf Countries, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Libya. Business Development of ENKA Construction Company. Procurement and Logistics of ENKA Construction Sites Abroad. Founding and managing of ENKA Qatar liaison Office.

Besim Oktayer has established his company in 1987 to Manufacture Welding and Tube Forming Machines and produce Appliance parts to sell to Middle East Countries. He has mainly produced condensers for Refrigerators and supplied the main OEM’s in this field like Arçelik, Bosch Siemens, and Merloni and sold a turnkey Condenser Production line to Egypt. Sold this company to a Norwegian Company in 2000. He has established ATİMAK Electronics to produce electronic control cards for Appliance Industry and also work as a contractor for the TV Industry in 1989 and he is still a Manager partner in this company. In 2002, he has established ATM Ltd. to produce appliance parts. The new company is successfully growing and has a target of 2 million USD turnover in the first year. Besim Oktayer had also been shareholder and is in the boards and management of Courier and Textile companies for some time.

Besim Oktayer is one of the leading figures in the Appliance sector in Turkey and been in the Board of BEYSAD (White Goods Supplier Association) since 1996. He is also one of the founder members of Yüzyıl Işıl Education Fund and a board member of the Foundation and the Yüzyıl Işıl High Schools.



Yalcin Yilmazkaya was born in 1956 in Istanbul. He has completed his BSc. degree in Electrical Engineering in Technical University of Istanbul and received his MSc. degree with honors in 1982. Between 1982 – 1984, he has worked as a research associate in Scientific and Research Institute of Turkey, Marmara Research Center in different strategic projects.

In 1984, he has joined General Electric Medical Systems U.S.A. as a Field Support Engineer and was based in Amman - Jordan and in Cairo – Egypt. In 1987 he has returned back to Turkey and established the direct operation of GE Medical Systems. Till 1996, he has assumed different management responsibilities in the same company where he successfully managed multinational service teams to serve a diverse customer base, placing GEMS Turkey at #1 position in Turkish Market. Achievements also include GE Medical Systems ISO 9000 Quality System certification.

In 1996 he has moved to GE Corporate. He was responsible for the Offset Programs in Turkey and Pakistan for F16 Military and Commercial Aircraft Engine Sales. He has successfully completed Peace Onyx II Indirect Offset Program ($100M) on time working closely with Government agencies. During this mission, he has developed suppliers and created Sourcing Programs for GE high tech. parts procurement from Turkey, Eastern Europe, Pakistan. He has also completed Six-Sigma leadership program.

In May 1999, he became GM and C.E.O. of GE International – Turkey where he acted as the leader for GE strategic growth in the area. He was responsible for supporting all GE Businesses ($300 M/year) in relations with the Government and in finding and establishing new business opportunities including FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). He has established GE Power Controls JV with Kale Group (KalePC) acted as the key negotiator for GE Aircraft Engines to form Technology Company (GEMTEC) in Gebze Technology Free Trade Zone. He has also contributed to the successful partnership of CNBC-E with NTV of Turkey.

Today, Yalcin Yilmazkaya is working as a Senior Management Consultant in the field of Offset & Industrial Co-operation Programs along with providing Management & Consultancy Services (CRM), management of strategic Loyalty programs in several business sectors including logistics, finance and hospitality sectors, along with hospitals and fuel retailing.

Yalcin Yilmazkaya is a founding member of CRM International Consortium and former member of YASED (Foreign Investments Association of Turkey) and ATC – DEIK (US - Turkish Business Council).